How to Revive the Tradition of Storytelling with Your Children

Storytelling is ideal for hard-working parents who wish to enrich their limited family time by creating their own storytelling tradition at home.  Parents are encouraged to make up stories with, rather than just for, their children.  Instead of offering storytelling “how-to’s” to either parents or children, this website focuses on the interactive process of storytelling between parent and child.  In fact, all the stories on this website resulted from the spontaneous creative interplay between my two sons and me.

On this website, you will find a monthly story that my children and I have created together.  The stories are selected for kids between 5 and 11 years of age, but older kids, as well as adults, will enjoy them as well.  Most of the stories are divided into five categories (Animal Stories; Adventures and Folk Tales; Historical and Cultural Stories; Growing Up Stories; and Seasonal and Holiday Stories) that mirror the growth and development of children, progressing in order from those that especially delight younger children to those that reflect maturing children’s concerns and questions about the world around them.

You will also find an archive of recent posts, a gallery of art work that my children and I created to illustrate our stories, videos of our presentations to school groups and book clubs, and essays with hints, suggestions, and parenting insights on how to tell stories with your children.

We hope this website will guide and inspire you and your family to create own family tradition of storytelling at home.  Always remember, the wonder of storytelling is that you will leave your children with a gift they will always treasure . . . the memories of spending time with you making up wonderful and fantastic stories.