Gather Around Celebrating the Stories of the Season

Many parents of young children often ask me for suggestions for family activities over the holidays. My first reaction is to demur, explaining that as the father of two teenage boys, I myself am desperately looking for ways to entice my sons to spend some time with their parents celebrating the season. And then I […]

Just in Time for Opening Day: A Bedtime Story for Your Kids about Baseball!

Just in time for opening day of Major League Baseball’s 2013 season, here’s a story for the baseball fans in your family that celebrates the quirkiness and superstitions of our national pastime.

click here to download “The Dirty Underwear that the Pitcher Wore”

What Would Halloween Be without a Story about a Haunted House?

The story starts with three brothers who take a dare to spend an entire night inside a haunted house. It ends by turning into a night they’ll never forget.
Click to download “Beware the House on Weeping Willow”