The Kite Flyer of Beijing

My sons and I created this story after attending a spring kite festival where we live. The dogwood and cherry trees were in blossom, and a gentle breeze swirled their petals into the air as we flew our kites. We enjoy telling this story again and again, as it conjures images of an enchanted land where kite flying is revered as an expression of the human spirit. Download The Kite Flyer of Beijing

A Silent Night

On Christmas Eve 1914, one the most extraordinary miracles in history occurred. This story takes the form of a meditation inviting grown ups and children to contemplate how the human spirit endures even in the midst of suffering, fear, and hardship. Download A Silent-Night

Download a new illustrated story: “The Kite Maker of Beijing”

Are you having trouble getting the little darlings to go to sleep? Are you looking for a new bedtime activity for your kids? Then click the attached link to download a new story my sons and I have written and illustrated, “The Kite Maker of Beijing.” Read it to your children at bedtime, and transport the entire family to an enchanted land where kite flying is more than just a pastime.

click here to download “The Kite Maker of Beijing”

The Kite Maker of Beijing

There once was an old Chinese man who loved to make and fly kites. No one knew his real name. Everyone just called him “Soaring Dragon,” because his favorite kite was in the shape of a dragon that flew higher than any other kite.

The Nomad’s Question

Author’s Note: My children love tales from other cultures or faraway lands. When your budget doesn’t allow a trip to a foreign destination, transport your family there through a story.