A Goth Christmas

Here’s a Christmas story for teens and tweens who are too old for Santa Claus but are wondering what’s the big deal with mistletoe. Download A Goth Christmas

Celebrate the Real Gift of Thanksgiving with A Story

Thanksgiving is about more than football and turkey. It’s about family.
Here’s a story for kids explaining why Thanksgiving is such a special holiday.
Click here to download the story

The Real Karate Kid

Storytelling provides an excellent opportunity to reinforce good personal habits and to impart values and morals to children. Both my children have long enjoyed the study of martial arts. When one of my sons complained, though, that he didn’t feel up to martial arts practice the next day, we created this story to remind him about the purpose and benefits of learning self-defense. Download The Real Karate Kid.

Happy New Year’s to Young and Old

Celebrate the New Year with a special story for the youngest member of your family.
Download Happy New Year to Young and Old

Storytelling at Home for the Holidays

When it comes to parenting, sometimes less can be more. The same holds true for the holidays. We all talk about making the holidays simpler and more family-oriented, but then we always get hung up on what to buy the kids or where to take them. In the end, we spend too much time on shopping, entertaining, and shuttling around and too little time with the family. But is there an alternative?