The Raven Who Talked Too Much

On a beautiful summer’s day, a group of people gathered for a picnic. They spread out their tablecloth on the cool green grass and opened up their picnic basket full of delicious food. They were all very hungry and couldn’t wait to eat. But the picnickers weren’t the only ones in the neighborhood who were […]

One Little Katydid

When my children were very little, we came home one spring night to find a beautiful, young katydid perched on the light by our front door. Our bedtime story that night had to be about — what else? — a katydid.

The Plant Eaters Fight Back!

To my good friends in South Africa, here’s a story especially for you. Download The Plant Eaters Fight Back!

Download a new summer camp story: “The Animal Party”

This August, my family and I attended Medomak Family Camp near Washington, Maine, to present a series of workshops on family storytelling. Kids of all ages, including parents, attended our workshops, where we created stories together drawing on our experiences that day in camp.

I especially had fun creating stories with the younger children. Their imaginations are boundless, and they’re always ready for a good story. This month, I’ll be posting some of the stories the kids and I made up.

Here’s a tale we created after my fellow storytellers, ages 4, 5, and 6, said they wanted a story about a moose, a bear, a beaver, a deer, a fox, a loon, a chipmunk, and a skunk. What better way to celebrate the animals of Maine than with a party!

click here to download “The Animal Party”

Too Cute for Her Own Good

There once was a little chipmunk named Samantha. Her friends just called her “Sammie.” Now all chipmunks are cute. But Sammie was especially cute. When she filled her cheeks with nuts, or looked at you with her big doe eyes, you couldn’t help but comment, “My, Sammie, you are so-o-o-o cute.”