The Kite Flyer of Beijing

My sons and I created this story after attending a spring kite festival where we live. The dogwood and cherry trees were in blossom, and a gentle breeze swirled their petals into the air as we flew our kites. We enjoy telling this story again and again, as it conjures images of an enchanted land where kite flying is revered as an expression of the human spirit. Download The Kite Flyer of Beijing

The Raven Who Talked Too Much

On a beautiful summer’s day, a group of people gathered for a picnic. They spread out their tablecloth on the cool green grass and opened up their picnic basket full of delicious food. They were all very hungry and couldn’t wait to eat. But the picnickers weren’t the only ones in the neighborhood who were […]

A Silent Night

On Christmas Eve 1914, one the most extraordinary miracles in history occurred. This story takes the form of a meditation inviting grown ups and children to contemplate how the human spirit endures even in the midst of suffering, fear, and hardship. Download A Silent-Night

Give the Gift of Storytelling to Your Family this Holiday Season

I’ve got a great gift idea to share with my readers and followers who are searching for the right holiday present to give to parents and grandparents of young children. My two teenage sons Will and Connor and I just released a new edition of our book, “Dad, Tell Me a Story” – How to […]

Gather Around Celebrating the Stories of the Season

Many parents of young children often ask me for suggestions for family activities over the holidays. My first reaction is to demur, explaining that as the father of two teenage boys, I myself am desperately looking for ways to entice my sons to spend some time with their parents celebrating the season. And then I […]

The Second Edition

Just in time for the holidays, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve teamed with my publisher Nicasio Press to release a second edition of my book, “Dad Tell Me A Story,” How to Revive the Tradition of Storytelling with Your Children.The second edition contains many of the much-loved stories from my first book, but adds […]

President Obama, Why You Should Come to Gettysburg

Dear President Obama, My family and I were disappointed to learn you’ve decided not to attend the 150th anniversary commemoration of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in Pennsylvania this November 19. I write this open letter to you in the hope you will reconsider. Your participation would not only add another chapter to the rich history of Gettysburg, but would serve as a reminder to the next generation of Americans of the sacrifices made on that battlefield — sacrifices for the principles of freedom, human dignity, and popular government.