Download a new summer camp story: “The Animal Party”

This August, my family and I attended Medomak Family Camp near Washington, Maine, to present a series of workshops on family storytelling. Kids of all ages, including parents, attended our workshops, where we created stories together drawing on our experiences that day in camp.

I especially had fun creating stories with the younger children. Their imaginations are boundless, and they’re always ready for a good story. This month, I’ll be posting some of the stories the kids and I made up.

Here’s a tale we created after my fellow storytellers, ages 4, 5,  and 6, said they wanted a story about a moose, a bear, a beaver, a deer, a fox, a loon, a chipmunk, and a skunk. What better way to celebrate the animals of Maine than with a party!

click here to download “The Animal Party”