In Defense of “Dad Pants”

Dad pants

In a new on-line marketing campaign for Dockers khaki pants, Sara Harbaugh, wife of San Francisco 49ers football coach Jim Harbaugh, intones in mock seriousness, I’d like to talk with you about a serious condition affecting countless men in our country. I’m talking, of course, about “Dad Pants.” The pleated, shapeless tragedy that too many men find themselves in every day. According to the Docker’s ad, this terrible condition affecting husband Jim and his fellow American men can be easily treated. Fortunately, Dockers has the antidote: an entire Continue Reading

Let’s Make Father’s Day a Big Deal

Let’s make this Father’s Day a real celebration of fatherhood, one befitting dad’s more prominent parenting role in the family and honoring the contributions fathers make every day to the lives of their children.

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Should I Let My Son Join a College Fraternity?

My teenage son has begun looking at colleges. Recently, while we were looking at admissions brochures over breakfast, he asked me how I’d feel if he joined a fraternity. His question transported me back to my university days, when I pledged a fraternity as a freshman and lived for two of my four undergraduate years […]

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Parenting with Grace

Parenting with grace

I’ve long been intrigued by the concept of grace-based parenting. I’m not sure I have more than an intuitive sense of what it means, however, so I looked the phrase up on the internet. The definitions I found applied mostly to parenting grounded in religious beliefs. This helped my understanding, but I also wanted to […]

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Why We Tell Stories

Chennai Storytelling Festival

We were honored to learn that Sowmya Srinavasin, a professional storyteller living in Bangalore, India, performed our story, “The Kite Flyer of Beijing,” at the Chennai Storytelling Festival on Saturday, February 8.

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